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When seconds count - ACT to save a life! 


The mission of A. C. Tourniquet is to save lives with a new intuitive and patented line of Tourniquets that are the quickest and easiest to apply correctly.

Blood loss deaths have increased in civilian life to the point that the government has started a #stopthebleed campaign. 

A person can bleed to death in as little as 60 seconds with a femoral (thigh) bleed. If you are bleeding, a few seconds can make the difference between life or death.

While all tourniquets can save lives, ACT Tourniquet has the potential to save more lives as it can go on in as little as 5 seconds.

Why should you think about tourniquets?

The % of preventable deaths that are tourniquet related is the same for any active shooting situation, civilian OR military:

  • 28.9% US military, during the Iraq conflict

  • 30% of teachers and students bled to death in school shootings

  • 33 % average in any active shooting

To have the best chance of surviving a limb bleed:

  1. Know how to use a tourniquet

  2. Know where to place a tourniquet

  3. Have a tourniquet available on you at all times

Another Chance Tourniquet will do this through:

  1. Intuitive Design

    • Intuitive metal spring buckle and hook/loop strap

    • Pictorial instructions including placement on strap itself

    • As simple as 1-2-3: Loop, pull, lock

  2. Education Of Users

    • Quick Reference Guide for free download- where and why

    • Fear of limb loss often delays usage - Currently, limb loss due to tourniquet is only 8%

    • Proper placement of limb tourniquet

    • Pictorial instructions on strap itself

3. Make Tourniquets Available Everywhere

4. Options are available for specific needs of user or purchaser


ACT - do not delay

if unstoppable bleeding

use a tourniquet - save a life!

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If nothing else remember this picture!
Do NOT apply a tourniquet on the head or neck, NOT over joints or broken bones and NOT on lower section of arm or leg as there are two bones there and it will not be effective.

Most people know that almost any strap, belt, cloth strip can be used as a tourniquet, but unless it is placed in the correct place it will not stop bleeding.

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